Minimally Invasive Pulmonary Disease Treatments at the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute provides innovative stem cell treatment regimens to people suffering from different lung diseases, conditions, and ailments. The Lung Institute is becoming recognized as a leader in regenerative medicine.

The experienced, highly-regarded team of physicians at the Lung Institute are involved in providing revolutionary, minimally invasive stem cell treatments at assist in addressing a variety of pulmonary conditions and diseases. The treatment regiments undertaken at the Lung Institute are normally undertaken on an outpatient basis for most patients.

The Lung Institute utilizes a stem cell transplant process that utilizes what technically are known as autologous stem cells. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, these are combined with platelet-rich plasma as part of a comprehensive treatment process.

By utilizing autologous stem cells, patients of the Lung Institute enjoy a higher treatment success rate. Autologous stem cells means that the stem cells utilized in treating a person with a lung condition actually are drawn from that person’s body initially.

Indeed, for most people, there exist no appreciable side effects when treatment at the Lung Institute for a pulmonary issue.

The treatment protocol at Lung Institute is demonstrating itself to be more effective than what is available through other therapeutic regimens. Not only does the treatment and therapy offered through the Lung Institute help to alleviate the symptoms of certain lung conditions, it also appears to slow the advance of a lung disease or condition.

An individual afflicted with a pulmonary condition can schedule a no obligation and no cost appointment with the team at the Lung Institute. A person can obtain information about the different treatment options available to a patient. A preliminary consultation can be at a time convenient to a person investigating his or her options in regard to treating lung disease.

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