Vijay Eswaran Shed Light on Self Employment and Corporate Jobs

Today, the number of people who have undergone through the education system is far too many for the jobs available. As a result, we have a large group of educated people with no jobs and additional skills. It is, therefore, upon institutions of higher learning to encourage students to become job creators rather than job seekers. The executive chairman of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran says that students should be encouraged and inspired to venture out and create jobs as they gain experience from their endeavors. The greatest problem hindering innovation is conservative thinking that often tells students to work for someone before venturing out. As a result, they remain locked in one chain or another.

According to Vijay Eswaran, the world is moving at a rapid speed. Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the workplace. On the other hand, the growth in population makes jobs scarcity a real issue. Vijay advises job seekers to search for jobs fitting their qualifications. Before choosing between a startup and an established institution, ensure that you have the pros and cons of the environments. For a Start-up, a student becomes the leader and a team member. In short, you are required to come up with an idea and see it through to completion.

The beauty about a start-up is that there is little or no delegation. However, it requires the students to go into a psychological contract with themselves to bear the vision. Vijay adds that working for a start-up is more paced and dynamic as compared to the slow-paced and structured corporate environment. The most important thing is understanding your goals and highlighting the factors necessary to reach them. The most significant question is for the student to determine if they will do better in an ever-evolving or a structured environment. According to Vijay Eswaran, neither is better. It is dependent on one’s personality and career goals.

Vijay Eswaran left the corporate America for Asia, his native land. There, he developed his entrepreneurial skills and founded the QI Group. Besides being an entrepreneur, Vijay is an author, motivational speaker, and a philanthropist. Most of his work in philanthropy focuses on women empowerment and youth development. In 2011 he featured in Forbes Asia among the list of Philanthropy heroes.

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