Sussex Healthcare Lucrative Jobs For Senior Living Residences

Sussex Healthcare Lucrative Jobs for Senior Living Residences

Since 1985 when Sussex Healthcare established its first facility in Sussex, the healthcare firm has grown to become a trusted home care network in Sussex UK. Currently, the network has over fifteen facilities across multiple locations. It also employs at least 250 caregivers to provide care to the elderly besides taking care of people with dementia, mental health problems, physical disabilities, respite, learning disabilities, and terminal illnesses.

Since March 2018, Sussex Healthcare has been welcoming applications for caregivers in the above areas of specialty. Working at the healthcare network is one of the most lucrative endeavors. The system consists of supportive leadership staff and warm culture that make it easy for new entrants to perform their tasks. The caregivers can as well land transfer chances to homes they desire whenever there is a vacancy.

The working environment also gives a chance to novice caregivers who want to build their knowledge in diverse areas including mentorships, apprenticeships, and specialized training. Besides, experienced caregivers can further their knowledge while pursuing their passion.

At Sussex Healthcare, employees receive several benefits as part of the company’s culture. Among these benefits are weekend bonuses, free staff bas, pension, referral bonuses, and discounted accommodation rates. For instance, new individuals beginning their career at the caregiving home get in-house training from experienced trainers while employees working on bank holidays receive double rates.

Recently, the award-winning healthcare network built a fitness facility to enhance its clients’ well-being. This development is in line with the firm’s philosophy of providing recreational, social, and leisure activities for everyone. The center features typical components of modern gyms such as stationary bikes, group sessions rooms, pool, and treadmills. These features are parts of the strategy to ensure fitness and general wellbeing of the healthcare community.

In March 2018, Sussex Healthcare received a boost in its leadership strength after welcoming Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the CEO. Amanda has over three decades in the healthcare field and has a primary role in continuing the organization’s mission to serve more people. The organization also has experienced executives and scholar in various functions. For instance, Professor Emeritus of the Imperial College Nick Bosanquet and his fellow scholar Peter Catchpole MBA serves as policy advisors for the firm. Other prominent members of leadership team are the Kenya-born Shiraz Boghani and Tanzania-born Shafik Sachedina.

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