EOS Lip Balm Stands Out in the Industry

With the success that EOS Lip Balm has experienced a constant inquiry is how it became a global brand. The amount of women that don’t purchase lip balm products is a rather small percentage of the female population. This statistic kind of surprised EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. their entire vision was to give women an option that is amusing and appealing without sacrificing the aspect of being non-harmful to the lips. This collection of principles gave birth to the innovative beauty company EOS. The company known for its colorful containers of lip balm that present in a variety of different flavors. Both founders knew that in order for their company to be successful thay had to tap into what women want in a lip care and lip balm product. They soon realized that their were very few innovative companies in the industry. Most products looked like they were manufactured by a single company. Not to mention, despite popular belief most lip balm products aren’t geared specifically for women which is what Jonathan and Sanjiv wanted to introduced to the masses.

It took the business partners longer than they expected to design the shape of EOS lip balms and other products that would be distributed via the company. They chose to be patient and wait until they had designed a concept with women in mind to start offering products. The design they eventually settled on was a container shaped like an egg. this makes the container unlike any other lip balm container in the world which in turn shows the uniqueness of the company. This has made it a household name throughout the world in the industry. Many companies, despite the industry, can learn a thing or two from EOS and its founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra.

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