Madison Street Capital Offers Advisory Services to Sachs Capital on an Acquisition Deal

Madison Street Capital was the exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group on the acquisition of RMG Networks. Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners, debt facility provider, were featured in this deal as financiers. RMG Networks is a leading provider of digital signage media services, hardware as well as software to more than 50% of the Fortune 100. Barry Peterson, Senior Managing Director, led the Madison Street Capital’s team.



In a statement, Gregory H. Sachs, Chief Executive Officer of Sachs Capital Group, said that they were excited about closing the transaction. He continued to say that Madison Street Capital was instrumental in making the deal successful by identifying capital sources as well as working hand-in-hand with them right through the closing.



According to Barry Petersen, supporting Mr. Sachs to complete the take private transaction was a great experience. It was fascinating to be part of the team that closed RMG Networks transaction. RMG Networks can now harness growth opportunities capitalizing for its owners. RMG Networks launched a digital signage as well as corporate communication platform called Korbyt that will open up more growth opportunities.



The stakeholders of RMG Networks got $1.29 per share cash in pursuant to the transaction. Currently, RMG’s stock does not trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange since it became private after the transaction.



About RMG Networks



RMG Networks has helped businesses to scale up efficiency, productivity as well as engagement through digital messaging. It combines best software hardware, business applications as well as services to provide one point of accountability for visualizing integrated data as well as real-time performance management. The company has offices in many parts of the world but its headquarters is at Dallas, Texas.



About Sachs Capital Group



Sachs Capital Group provides capital to renowned entrepreneurs. The capital it offers is flexible, controlled or non-controlled. The company has built a good reputation as a disciplined investor and sophisticated partner with a special focus on business fundamentals, valuation, superior management as well as proper corporate governance.



About Madison Street Capital



It is an international investment banking company based in Chicago with 13 years in business. Madison Street Capital offers mergers and acquisitions services, advisory, private equity, business valuation services, corporate tax planning services, capital, investment banks and venture capital services.



The privately held company believes in establishing strong business in communities across the United States. In line with this, it is committed to provide the best services to their clients while at the same time providing support to philanthropic organizations such as United Way. Madison Street Capital reputation has increased while they are striving to make their clients succeed in the marketplace through their services. They embrace their clients’ goals and objectives as their own and walk with them along the way.


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The Immense Growth of OSI Industries in the past Years

OSI Industries is one of the largest producer of food in America. The company has been the regular supplier of food products to leading retail food brands in the country. It was founded by David McDonald. After graduating with a degree in Animal Science, he worked as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, while holding the role of chairmanship, David was the project manager at OSI Industries, with time, he elevated himself to the upper rungs and became the company’s overall leader. Visit their page at facebook.

Having spent more than 30 years at the company, Mr. McDonald continues to play a pivotal role in steering the company forward. OSI Group has expanded its services in the past years thanks to the able leadership of David McDonald. To ensure an effective partnership with the local marketers, he leads a logistics team that tries to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving market.

Just recently, OSI Group acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company that specializes in deli meat. This acquisition has enabled OSI Group to strengthen its foundation in Europe. David McDonald has also led the company to establish 10 Chinese facilities that deal with poultry

The company’s continued use of technology has acted as the foundation of its success. This adaptation of new innovations in the tech world has helped OSI Industries achieve the spectacular growth. The use of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing revolutionized food production providing new opportunities. The then Otto & Sons was quick to embrace this new technology and sought funding to help it achieve its goal. This gamble paid off and massively acted as the driving force in the company.

Having been started in the 1950s as a small company in Illinois, OSI Industries’s willingness to take risks has been one of the key factors that has shaped the company into what it is today. With a networth of $6.1 billion according to Forbes, the company is ranked as the 58th largest private company. It has employed over 20,000 workers in all its locations worldwide. The company owns upwards of 65 facilities in 17 countries all over the world.

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