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Transculturalism and Transcultural Literature in the 21st Century

Arianna Dagnino


The article provides an account of how transcultural vision and “creative transpatriation” may be interpreted, within a comparative literary studies discourse, as determining factors in the emergence of transcultural literature within the global ecumene. It first outlines a brief historical trajectory of transculturalism (or transculture/ality), a theoretical approach which is acquiring increasing resonance in cultural and literary studies. It proceeds by explaining the conceptual differences among the several terms – transculturation, transculturality, transculture, transculturalism – used alternatively or simultaneously by different thinkers (in particular by Epstein 1995, 2004, 2009 and Welsch 1999, 2009). It concludes by explaining how transculturalism may be interpreted and used as an analytical tool within a specific literary context.

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