Rebel Wilson To Join The Star-Studded Cats Cast

The cast of the adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical has added Rebel Wilson in the role of Jennyanddots. She is joining a cast that also just added Jason Derulo. This movie will prove to be one of the bigger musical adaptations that we have seen in sometime, and adding Rebel Wilson makes it all the more fun. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Cats is supposed to be a wild ride through the world of alley cats and how they interact with one another. She could add the improvisational style and flair that is needed to make the musical a success.

Rebel Wilson is best known for her role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise. She is an Australian comedienne and actress who has been known for her improvised lines and wild characterization. She is one of the funniest people in Hollywood today, and she is a fan favorite because she has the confidence to be funny where no one else would take the chance.

  • The Cats Adaptation

The Cats adaptation has been coming together for some time as the studio tries to put together a cast of stars that will make the movie work.

This is something that a lot of people are hopeful for because they need to see names like Rebel Wilson if they will even go see the movie. Rebel Wilson has also been cast as Jennyanddots because that character is one of the more unpredictable in the musical. It is a musical that allows her to do more singing, and it will help bring in all the people that are fans of Pitch Perfect.

  • How Does Her Brand Of Comedy Work With Cats?

Cats is a unique musical because it has a heartwarming story along with some of the wild songs that remind the viewer it is from the 80s. The musical itself needs that bit of unpredictability to it, and Rebel Wilson can play off of that very well. Anyone who saw the recent turn of Alice Cooper in Jesus Christ Superstar know that he improvised one of the best lines in the whole show on live TV, and Rebel proves to be the kind of person who can offer that same kind of comedy gold.

  • Conclusion

There are a lot of people who will find that they can make some changes to the way that they watch musicals by considering something that has Rebel Wilson carrying many of the laughs.

Rebel Wilson will make Cats a unique movie, and it is an adaptation that will stand the test of time because it will allow the people in starring roles tro be themselves while also playing out a classic musical.