Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Entrepreneurial Skills

Only a few executive leaders in companies are as influential as Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Mr. Luzi Tabuco was pronounced as the Entrepreneur of the year in 2015. The fact that he purchased HSBC in Brazil was an explicit indication of his potential and intention to be the light bearer for the private institutions in the Brazilian Economy.

How Trabuco Redefined Bradesco

When he joined Bradesco, Luiz ruled out the quest for the leadership in the company. He stated that there are different ways to contribute to the success of a company rather than just being a leader. Leadership is not supposed to be the main goal of anyone looking to contribute toward the success of a company. Following the approval by the Lazaro Brandao who is the chairman of the board, Luiz made the boldest move of acquiring HSBC that cost the US $5.2 billion.

Trabuco’s Achievement

Because Trabuco acquired HSBC the company is now able to become the key game regulator in the private sector. The workers and leaders of Bradesco admitted that Trabuco had helped the organization acquire something that would otherwise take organization six years to attain.

Trabuco when asked by MONEY, he said that Bradesco would receive green light by the first quarter of 2016. In 12015, due to his dedication, he was awarded the entrepreneur of the year.

Trabuco graduated from the school of philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo in 1951.

Work History

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working the Bradesco in 1969 as a junior worker. He was able to move from one hierarchy to next being that his dedication and commitment remained consistent through the years. But in 2009, Luiz was able to take the presidency of Bradesco Seguros; a position that he held from 2003 all the way to 2009. The work that Luiz contributed still accounts for 30% of the company’s profit to date.

Trabuco created a corporate University within the organization with the motive of enhancing leadership and coordination among the workers.

Enhancing Leadership

Once workers were promoted to hire ranks, they were provided the chance to augment their autonomy by the programs that were initiated and presided over by Luiz. There was a ritual that was held in the noble hall where the new leaders were acquainted with the right skills to ensure that they contributed to their level best toward the success of the organization. During the ritual, everyone is accorded an equal chance to speak and share what they know so that others could also get the ideas.

Experience and Skills

When Tabuco joined Bradesco, he was an amateur. However, he was able to work his way toward the highest ranks in the company. In 1992, Trabuco was in charge of the marketing department of the bank, and he recorded an exclusive performance during his reign.

He held that position for eight years before being promoted to director and president of Bradesco. Trabuco served in this position until 1998 and was able to sign one of the biggest contracts for the bank.

The contract was known as the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio Janeiro. In 1999, Trabuco was promoted to the higher rank as the vice-president of the company, Bradesco Seguros.

When Tabuco joined Bradesco, it never had the same potentials that it currently has. Under his leadership, Bradesco has grown to become one of the best performing financial institutions in the world. By implementing the leadership skills innovated by Luiz Trabuco, Bradesco `has recorded a massive growth which still continues to build. Luiz Tabuco is now one of the leaders who is known to have contributed positively toward the success and stability of the Brazilian Economy.

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