Revolution of Lip Balm, Evolution of Smooth

When a new product hits the market, it may be first to market or entering an already saturated market and in either case find an uphill battle to find its key demographic and niche in the market. Such is the case for the fast rising and already profit making Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm. The second biggest profit making lip balm company in the country as reported by Fast Company.

For over seven years now EOS lip balm orbs have been reaching into the infrastructure of modern culture and slowly replacing the typical tubes of lip balms.  They focused on the five senses in creating the orbs that would be easy to handle, smell good based on flavor, color matching, and even included a clicking sound when opened.

They settled on a competitive price of around $3 on Amazon for each cylindrical case making the EOS specialty affordable. EOS also found that the majority of lip balm users were women, and so as part of the social media marketing on Facebook and other websites, they focused on millennial, women between the ages of 25 to 35. Understanding the key demographics has helped bolster sales and skyrocket EOS in popularity.

Apart from the design and marketing of EOS, the company has broken the norms of lip balm choices beyond just plain, cherry and mint flavors. EOS has an array of flavors and colors for consumers to choose from which has helped sales. With more variety, EOS has developed a bit of a cult following, especially among its key demographics. EOS is more than a fad, it is a revolution in lip care management.