Rocketship Education’s Preston Smith Sheds Light on the NRP Report

In 2006, Rocketship Education was established. The charter school is managed by Preston Smith with the assistance of John Danner. The first school was started in San Jose a year later. At the flagship of the school, scholars scored high grades in the state’s assessment test. That marked the beginning of huge demands of enrollment from the community. Today, Rocketship Education has expanded its territory by opening six more charter schools in San Jose. For that reason, the leadership of the school transitioned in 2013 when Preston Smith was appointed to serve as the CEO.

Leadership is the hallmark of a company’s success. With excellent leadership, an organization gets the chance to flourish. That is what happened to Rocketship Education when Preston Smith took over. In August 2013, he led the charter school in opening its first education centre at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A year later, he contributed to the opening of a school in Nashville, Tennessee. Two years into the opening of the school, Preston Smith chaired the opening of a school in Washington, DC.

Many Rocketship facilities have received funding from Andre Agassi, a former tennis player. He helped the institution open another academy in Columbia. Other contributors who have shown concern for the development of the institution include The Obama administration and Reed Hastings, the head of Netflix.

Even with all the successes, Rocketship Education has registered, there are still challenges encountered. For instance, recently, a media house published a report suggesting that the education centre is too strict on scholars. Surprisingly, this turned out to be exaggerated because according to the scholar’s parents, Rocketship Education is an excellent education provider. Smith has just issued a report to explain that Rocketship Education has admitted 90% of its students. Had the school been too strict for the scholars to cope, perhaps the registration would be on the lower side. Smith has also stated that Rocketship Education provides the best education systems for various students. All that matters is their ability to grasp what is taught at that particular stage. Rocketship Education is good at offering leading education systems.