Traveling Vineyard Makes Hosting a Wine Tasting Party Easy

Traveling Vineyard is an American company that strives to provide work-at-home job opportunities for Wine Guides that are willing to host in-home wine tasting parties for their guests. The premise is simple; when guests attend a wine tasting party, they are likely to buy wine from the host. Traveling Vineyards sells high-quality brands of wine from different regions of the world.

Hosting a wine tasting party may sound like a complicated affair. Traveling Vineyard’s guide to hosting a successful wine tasting party demystifies the misinformation around the event. Apparently, all that a Wine Guide needs is some basic supplies and uncomplicated knowledge on hosting the party.

What are the supplies needed to host a Traveling Vineyard’s party? When a new Wine Guide purchases a traveling Vineyard Success Kit for $189, he/she is presented with all the information that pertains to hosting a party. Nevertheless, the necessary items needed include glassware, corkscrews, water, buckets, spittoons, etc. The company is aware that acquiring some items required for wine tasting parties may be expensive for some people and therefore Traveling Vineyard allow its Wine Guides to rent whatever items they need to execute a wine tasting event successfully.

Traveling Vineyard encourages its Wine Guides to theme up their parties. Theming up a party is as simple as comparing a certain variety of wine from different parts of the globe or wineries. Theming up could also involve comparing premium wine brands (expensively priced) and their cheaper alternatives. There are many themes that a Wine Guide can choose depending on their creativity.

Closely related to theming up is creating an ambiance. The right ambiance creates a conducive environment for the event. Music and lighting are some of the items that can be used to create a favorable atmosphere. However, Traveling Vineyard advises against a complicated environment that disturb the human senses. According to the company, one way to create a good ambiance in a French wine tasting party is playing French music. The possibilities of creating an ambient wine tasting environment are virtually unlimited.

The perfect taste of any wine is brought out by following the instructions required to serve that particular type of wine. Some wines are best served chilled while others are best served at room temperature. Although wine tasting parties are informal, the tables should be set up well. The placement of the tablecloth, glassware, spittoons, and wine should follow a particular order. A Wine Guide should be proactive in guiding his/her guests in a wine tasting event.