Securus Technologies Grows For Its Customers

Wireless containment systems have recently been introduced in Florida correctional facilities. These devices prevent illegal calls and messages being sent from contraband cellular devices. These devices are brought into the institutions by visitors and have even been dropped into jail yards by drones. Securus Technologies is to thank for the WCS devices, which result in increased safety.


Robert Johnson, a retired corrections officer, is a champion for the systems. He was shot six times in retaliation for doing his job. Confiscating a package valued at $50,000, a former inmate broke into his home to place the hit. His chances of survival were slim, but he pulled through and has been working towards getting legislation passed to require the systems in facilities. An infant was killed in a similar manner, illustrating just how serious the problem really is. Although still being tested, the devices have thus far proven to be effective. Estimates of over a billion calls intercepted are promising.


Other services that are often praised include affordable calling services, video visitation and monitoring. The monitoring services have been able to provide evidence and resolve numerous matters. The monitoring also helps to keep employees honest. This yields a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone.


Acquiring JPay to assist with the implementation of the WCS, Securus takes innovation to the next level. JPay has also developed tablets for sale to inmates. The tablets provide educational software. Being given this opportunity, the inmates are able to prepare for reentry into the working world. GovPayNet is also another company that’s been acquired. Both these subsidiaries specialize in financial services. GovPayNet is responsible for processing payments for governmental agencies. Among these payments included are, cash bail payment processing, court costs, and traffic citations.


Customer service is also a top priority. The company has been able to resolve nearly all concerns on one call and pleases over 95 percent of its customers. The Better Business Bureau awarded the company with an “A+” rating and added to its approval with accreditation. With all the recent developments, Securus makes customers its priority. Connecting inmates with their families and making the jobs of facility support staff easier; the company continues to provide services that are invaluable to everyone involved.

What Boraie Development is Unveiling This Summer 2018

The big news in Atlantic City today is a new apartment complex that will be unveiled this summer in 2018. This development is now the first market-rate complex to be built within the last 25 years or so. The Atlantic City Press went to tour the site last week, getting a personal tour of the inside of this massive complex to see first-hand what is has to offer. This complex had a budget of more than $80 million dollars, and it shows. The name for the new digs is The Beach at South Inlet. With over 50,000 people working in this resort town, it is a welcome relief to see a new place to live and possibly for many to be closer to their employers.


This complex borders some of the busiest avenues in the city including Connecticut, Pacific, New Jersey, and Atlantic avenues, giving easy access to the busy town. What the city likes best about this complex is its ability to bring growth and stimulate the economy. Over the last ten years, the resort town has suffered numerous set backs due to the economy. Additionally, this meant that casinos and other fixtures in the gaming industry were closing their doors. After losing significant revenue the town is ready for a revival, and Sam Boraie has much to do with that.


According to Patch, Boraie Development has played a key role in bringing non-gaming developments to the city. This has been a tremendous relief for city officials in that they have a solid investment coming into the city, and it is one that still serves the community. Boraie Development has more than 30 years experience in the commercial real estate industry, and has the winning edge that is needed to work with the top investors and architects available. You can visit their website



Additionally, the reputation of Boraie Development is sealed with the ability to land relationships with the top commercial banks in Atlantic City. This is a welcome relief for the developer because it enables them to build long-term relationships with those who can see their long-term vision come to life. Working as a team with their internal clients, Boraie Development continues to aid in the new growth and new life of Atlantic City.

Prison guard teams up with Securus Technologies to stop contraband cell phones

If you were to ask ten prison guards what the most important threat facing today’s penal institutions is, at least 5 of them would probably have some answer involving contraband cell phones. While it may be, at first, difficult for those not familiar with the prison system to grasp just how serious the threat posed by contraband cell phones is, prison guards understand that the combination of dangerous prison gangs and easy access to effective communication with the outside world is a recipe for disaster.


A portrait in grit


Robert Johnson has spent the majority of his adult life as a prison guard. After graduating from high school, he went to work for the Florida Department of Corrections. He was assigned to one of the toughest maximum security facilities in the state, a place where the worst of the worst offenders are sent to serve out long terms of incarceration. The job was inherently dangerous, but Johnson thrived.


Over the course of the next decade, Johnson steadily moved up the ranks. He proved to be a highly capable and incorruptible corrections officer. He had an easy-going style yet was firm and consistent in his dealing with the inmates. He never lost his temper and was always respectful, even in the toughest situations. These were exactly the traits that any prison administrator looks for in a guard, and they helped Johnson to continue being promoted through the ranks.


By his early 30s, Johnson had become a team leader on a Florida Department of Corrections SERT team, one of the most prestigious jobs in the FDC. It was as a leader on one such team that Johnson was conducting a routine cell search. The search uncovered a package with a fine powder substance. Tests revealed that the substance was nearly pure heroin, estimated to have a street value of more than $50,000.


This quantify of high-grade heroin had a prison value of as much as a quarter-million dollars. The gang to whom the heroin was supposed to be delivered quickly identified Johnson as the guard behind the seizure. Whether he knew it or not, Johnson had just been green lighted, a contract had been put on on him.


One morning, as he got ready for work, Johnson’s front door was kicked in and he was rushed by a gunman. Firing at nearly point-blank range, the gunman unloaded six shots into Johnson’s torso. The veteran guard barely survived.


It turned out that Johnson’s assailant was contacted via a contraband cell phone. Had the Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System been installed in the prisons where he worked, Johnson would likely have never been attacked.


Today, Johnson is a spokesman for Securus, selling prisons across the country on the benefits of detecting contraband cell phones.


Austrian Mathematician

Well-known American mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey was born September 26, 1959. Lacey graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Texas during the year of 1981.

Later, he would then move on to newer pastures and receive his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987, with Walter Philipp as the advisor. Professor Walter Philipp is a famous Austrian mathematician that studied probability theory and the theory of numbers. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Interested in problem solving and puzzles that mostly involved the law of iterated algorithm, Lacey’s first thesis would be on the Banach Spaces Probability. A Banach space is a complete normed vector space with a metric that allows computation of the vector length as well as its distance between vectors.

Walter Philipp was Lacey’s project supervisor during the time and guided him with the necessary information and knowledge so he could complete the thesis in the right manner.

Michael Lacey would secure his first postdoctoral position at the Louisiana State University as an assistant professor from 1987-1988. For just a year after that, Lacey transferred and became an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina. There he would predominantly lecture about probability, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis. Lacey also work alongside Walter Philipp at the University of North Carolina to proof the central limit theorem.

From 1989 to 1996, Michael Lacey moved to Bloomington, Indiana and was hired as an assistant professor at the Indiana University. While working there, he received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship recognition. There he would also begin a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The transform was during that time a conjecture of Argentinian mathematician, Alberto Calderon. The Hilbert transform was later solved by Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele in 1996; they each received the Prix Salem Prize award for their achievements.

Lacey transferred shortly after to the Georgia Institute of Technology as an assistant professor in 1996, he is now currently employed as a full professor (senior professor) at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. From time to time, he would serve as a visiting professor at the Helsinki University.

Lacey has received many awards throughout his career. In 2008 he was awarded the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award and the Fulbright Fellowship Award. Lacey was also honored with the Simons Fellow Award during the year of 2012. Michael’s most recent was the American Mathematical Society Fellow that was awarded in 2013.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an Award Winning Leader in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts and much more. Dr. Jejurikar received a special recognition in 2013 when he received the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certification.

Only 3% of the approximately 870,000 doctors nationwide received the honor that year. To qualify doctors must receive nearly perfect overall and bedside manner scores on surveys completed by their patients on sites such as UCompareHealthCare, Patients’ Choice, and Vitals.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan where he was also part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Upon completion of his studies, he completed his plastic surgery residency at the same university.

He then extended his studies into the subspecialty of aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jejurikar is currently a member of several organizations including the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is currently affiliated with 8 hospitals in the Dallas area. These affiliations include the Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas Day Surgery Center, Forest Park Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. He is also affiliated with Baylor Surgicare at Ennis in Ennis Texas, Forest Park Medical Center in Frisco, and the Medical Center of Plano in Plano Texas.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has over a decade of experience in his field and offers free online cosmetic consultations as well as free consultations in hi Dallas and Plano based offices.

NewsWatch TV reviews

NewsWatch TV is influential in determining and understanding market trends on important technological innovations that will determine the future. NewsWatch covers the scene from a modern perspective and delves deep into the latest developments in technology and media.

NewsWatch covers technology that effects consumers and everyday people. They focus on products that make a strong impact on sales as well as improving the lives of people. One standout design product recently released was the contour workplace. The contour design is ergonomic, creative, and technologically advanced to the point of groundbreaking.

A Contour Design campaign was in the works to increase sales and profits, as well as visibility to the target audience. With a substantial video being made, the Contour Design campaign made significant progress in boosting exposure and ad revenue towards the product and the Contour brand.

The Contour Design campaign is ideal for creating a positive view of the product. The workplace is a all in one product that allows user’s to work on project’s and program within an ergonomic system. It’s been proven to be a successful design system and with the help of a video, it’s grown substantially and constructively to become a dominant product.

Using a wireless setup, you can easily create a workplace that’s engaging and rewarding. The video effectively sells the Contour Design product as a wonderful way to build an office set up which reduces stress and tension while building synergy due to accessibility and design.

NewsWatch captures the way that this technology works and brings it to life in video segments. This creates a medium where products can be on display and sold as a beneficial technological innovation.

The Magical Madison Street Capital

The disaster funs in the United States have been administered in many countries. The United Ways is an organization that offers help to individuals in the states. The recovery efforts have been conducted whereby stability, health, and education have been managed. The emergency funds have been provided in terms of shelter, food, and clothing.



The Madison Street Capital has established a strong rapport with the communities living in the United States of America. The company has supported the philanthropic activities of the other organizations like the United Way. The clients of the Madison Street Capital have benefited where their needs have been actively addressed.



The company has enhanced unity among the global and local communities. The Madison Street Capital contains experienced people in its management. The company has built extensive relationships with its clients where they are able to cooperate together. The professionals also hold exceptional knowledge that has propelled the company to success. These attributes have enabled the company to be ranked amongst the best investment firms in the banking field.



The Madison Street Capital has provided vital information to the other banking networks through the great advises that they have offered. The company has managed to merge with other institutions to create a fair deal. The professionals at the company have been taught on how to offer the professional skills to their clients.



The company has offered restructuring services through the services that they have offered. The hedge funds have provided numerous services to many individuals. The individuals aspire to progress in the business world. The Madison Street Capital has been able to help its clients in the industries that they have been structured.



Careful analysis has been placed on the projects that the company has commenced. The headquarters of the company is based in Illinois in Chicago. Recommendations have been given to individuals who would like to improve their areas of specialization. The company has encouraged the aspect of corporate governance where individuals are able to work on their business while taking care of the corporate affairs. Learn more:



The clients at the company have been provided with the capitalization strategy where they specifications are clearly addressed. The Madison Street Capital has provided online services where interested individuals can be addressed. The company’s contacts have been provided at their websites where they are addressed promptly.



The Madison Street Capital has built a sound strategy in that the individuals wishing to exit the business are helped in a great manner. The reputation of the company has been great among its clients. The article can be retrieved from the Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Entrepreneurial Skills

Only a few executive leaders in companies are as influential as Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Mr. Luzi Tabuco was pronounced as the Entrepreneur of the year in 2015. The fact that he purchased HSBC in Brazil was an explicit indication of his potential and intention to be the light bearer for the private institutions in the Brazilian Economy.

How Trabuco Redefined Bradesco

When he joined Bradesco, Luiz ruled out the quest for the leadership in the company. He stated that there are different ways to contribute to the success of a company rather than just being a leader. Leadership is not supposed to be the main goal of anyone looking to contribute toward the success of a company. Following the approval by the Lazaro Brandao who is the chairman of the board, Luiz made the boldest move of acquiring HSBC that cost the US $5.2 billion.

Trabuco’s Achievement

Because Trabuco acquired HSBC the company is now able to become the key game regulator in the private sector. The workers and leaders of Bradesco admitted that Trabuco had helped the organization acquire something that would otherwise take organization six years to attain.

Trabuco when asked by MONEY, he said that Bradesco would receive green light by the first quarter of 2016. In 12015, due to his dedication, he was awarded the entrepreneur of the year.

Trabuco graduated from the school of philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo in 1951.

Work History

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working the Bradesco in 1969 as a junior worker. He was able to move from one hierarchy to next being that his dedication and commitment remained consistent through the years. But in 2009, Luiz was able to take the presidency of Bradesco Seguros; a position that he held from 2003 all the way to 2009. The work that Luiz contributed still accounts for 30% of the company’s profit to date.

Trabuco created a corporate University within the organization with the motive of enhancing leadership and coordination among the workers.

Enhancing Leadership

Once workers were promoted to hire ranks, they were provided the chance to augment their autonomy by the programs that were initiated and presided over by Luiz. There was a ritual that was held in the noble hall where the new leaders were acquainted with the right skills to ensure that they contributed to their level best toward the success of the organization. During the ritual, everyone is accorded an equal chance to speak and share what they know so that others could also get the ideas.

Experience and Skills

When Tabuco joined Bradesco, he was an amateur. However, he was able to work his way toward the highest ranks in the company. In 1992, Trabuco was in charge of the marketing department of the bank, and he recorded an exclusive performance during his reign.

He held that position for eight years before being promoted to director and president of Bradesco. Trabuco served in this position until 1998 and was able to sign one of the biggest contracts for the bank.

The contract was known as the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio Janeiro. In 1999, Trabuco was promoted to the higher rank as the vice-president of the company, Bradesco Seguros.

When Tabuco joined Bradesco, it never had the same potentials that it currently has. Under his leadership, Bradesco has grown to become one of the best performing financial institutions in the world. By implementing the leadership skills innovated by Luiz Trabuco, Bradesco `has recorded a massive growth which still continues to build. Luiz Tabuco is now one of the leaders who is known to have contributed positively toward the success and stability of the Brazilian Economy.

See more:

The Success Story Behind Bernardo Chua

Successful business executives are those who other than creating millions of dollars in revenues help make an impact in the life of his or her community. One person who is an embodiment of this statement is entrepreneur Bernardo.

If you are a delightful coffee drinker, then the chances that you have enjoyed one of Bernardo’s products are so high. In order to understand and appreciate this personality better the following is a brief overview of him.

Who is Bernardo Chua?

Chua is the famous owner and founder of Organo Gold a company that offers the best coffee and tea product with Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb. Mr. Chua’s business model is centered on health products which is his passion.

Currently Organo Gold is a successful international business with branches and agents in most parts of the world. While to some people the success of Bernardo may seem easy, nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Chua has had to work his way up to the top and continued to work even harder to maintain his spot.

Prior to starting Organo Gold, Chua worked at Gona excel. At Gona excel Bernardo Chua’s record of accomplishments speaks volumes for itself. Before leaving the company for his own, Chua had transformed Gona excel into an international company with branches in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States of America.

Benefits of Organo Gold Products

Organo Gold is a company that operates and sells its products through multi-level-marketing. What this means is that the company has independent sales executive in different parts of the world where the sales agents market the products at a commission of sales. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

This model is advantageous to both the company and the sales agents as it helps them earn some revenues from the sales. That aside, Organo Gold’s product being under the classification of healthy products is beneficial to the users as it helps them stay healthy.

Bernardo Chua’s Contribution to Society

Bernardo is a great addition to his community. In addition to the healthy product he brings to the market and the job opportunity he creates, Mr. Chua directly contributes to the community through his OG Cares Foundation.

The OG Cares Foundation helps with the mentorship of the youths while at the same time giving them the opportunity to become self-reliant.

Traveling Vineyard Makes Hosting a Wine Tasting Party Easy

Traveling Vineyard is an American company that strives to provide work-at-home job opportunities for Wine Guides that are willing to host in-home wine tasting parties for their guests. The premise is simple; when guests attend a wine tasting party, they are likely to buy wine from the host. Traveling Vineyards sells high-quality brands of wine from different regions of the world.

Hosting a wine tasting party may sound like a complicated affair. Traveling Vineyard’s guide to hosting a successful wine tasting party demystifies the misinformation around the event. Apparently, all that a Wine Guide needs is some basic supplies and uncomplicated knowledge on hosting the party.

What are the supplies needed to host a Traveling Vineyard’s party? When a new Wine Guide purchases a traveling Vineyard Success Kit for $189, he/she is presented with all the information that pertains to hosting a party. Nevertheless, the necessary items needed include glassware, corkscrews, water, buckets, spittoons, etc. The company is aware that acquiring some items required for wine tasting parties may be expensive for some people and therefore Traveling Vineyard allow its Wine Guides to rent whatever items they need to execute a wine tasting event successfully.

Traveling Vineyard encourages its Wine Guides to theme up their parties. Theming up a party is as simple as comparing a certain variety of wine from different parts of the globe or wineries. Theming up could also involve comparing premium wine brands (expensively priced) and their cheaper alternatives. There are many themes that a Wine Guide can choose depending on their creativity.

Closely related to theming up is creating an ambiance. The right ambiance creates a conducive environment for the event. Music and lighting are some of the items that can be used to create a favorable atmosphere. However, Traveling Vineyard advises against a complicated environment that disturb the human senses. According to the company, one way to create a good ambiance in a French wine tasting party is playing French music. The possibilities of creating an ambient wine tasting environment are virtually unlimited.

The perfect taste of any wine is brought out by following the instructions required to serve that particular type of wine. Some wines are best served chilled while others are best served at room temperature. Although wine tasting parties are informal, the tables should be set up well. The placement of the tablecloth, glassware, spittoons, and wine should follow a particular order. A Wine Guide should be proactive in guiding his/her guests in a wine tasting event.