A New Business Star is Born

Kate Hudson is known as the daughter of Goldie Hawn and is the Golden Globe winner for her part as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, In a few years, she might be also known as as successful businesswoman.


In 2013, she co-founded Fabletics, a company that started out selling women’s active wear, but is now sells all types of fashion for men and women. Th company has become so successful in a few years that Amazon is feeling their heat.

The reason for their quick success is having a business plan that is like a three-pronged sword. Two of the prongs are using traditional brick-and-mortar stores and an online website, They use a membership program to keep their customers loyal.


Being a pert of this membership is free. You can choose to be a VIP member. As a VIP member, you get notified at the beginning of the month the new products that the company and you have until the 5th of the month. The customer partly knows what products their members want since they feel out a survey about their favorite fashion and lifestyle. If they choose not buy a new product, they will be charged a $49.95 fee that can act as store credit. A member would eventually have to buy a product or get high fees. The membership guarantees loyalty as well as some of their product being sold every month.


Kate Hudson believes that it is these three things that have helped the success of her company:

-her name recognition

-using the Warby-Parker e-commerce to sell her product online

-selling a lifestyle to women that makes them feel good about themselves even if they are not a sexy, thin celebrity like herself


Kate Hudson has been asked whether she wants to be known as an actress or a businesswoman. Her answer is that she is proud of what she has done so far in business, but in her heart of hearts, she will always be an artists and an actor.


Hudson does want to make sure that her customers fill out the Lifestyle Quiz when they become members of the Fabletics membership program. They will get the gear that they want from this company if they fill out the quiz.

Scott Rocklage Contributions to the Healthcare Management Industry

Scott Rocklage has been in the healthcare management industry for over three decades. Over those years, he has made great contributions to the industry. Through his strategic leadership skills, he spearheaded the approval of three drug applications (Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin) in the U.S by the FDA. In 2003, Scott joined 5AM Ventures as a partner and in 2004 he was made a managing partner.

Skills and Experience

During the years he has been in the healthcare management industry, Scott Rocklage has held various positions for different firms. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

He once served as the Cubist Pharmaceuticals CEO and chairman, the president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, and R&D positions at Catalytica and Salutar. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: http://www.thestylemaponline.com/the-amazing-career-of-scott-rocklage-of-5am-ventures/

Scott has also served on various boards such as the Relypsa where he was the board chairman. Currently, he is the board chairman for Kinestral, Rennovia, Epitus, Pulmatrix, and Cidara.

Achievements and Education Background

Throughout his career, Scott Rocklage has realized many achievements. The most notable is the co-partnering in over 30 patents in the U.S. He has also published over 100 publications all of which are peer-reviewed.

For his education, Scott attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a B.S in Chemistry. For his Ph.D. in Chemistry, Scott Rocklage attended MIT where he used the laboratory of 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard R. Schrock to conduct his research.

Personal Life and Advice to the World

You would think that Scott Rocklage is successful in his career because he has all his days well planned ahead. Surprisingly, he revealed in an interview that he doesn’t have a typical day but instead handles issues depending on priorities.

Some days he is working with the company’s management team, studying new areas of life science, while other days he is either preparing or attending the company’s board meetings.

Through sharing of ideas with entrepreneurs such as business executives, physicians, and scientists, Scott can help in shaping their ideas into potential medical solutions to treat unmet medical needs. Most importantly, Scott attributes his success to his ability to manage time, prioritize, and follow his calendar.

Its not just a salad bar, it is a lifestyle

When Nathaniel Ru and his friends were in college, they had a hard time finding places to eat that were naturally healthy, but also quick and easy. Now several years after Ru graduated from college he owns the restaurant chain sweetgreen. One of the first Sweetgreen locations was opened on M Street in downtown Washington, D.C.


The landlord that manages sweetgreen also managed the apartments that Ru and his friends lived in, in college. The first time Ru called up the landlord to discuss his business idea, he was hung up on. The group of guys called the landlord every day for a month straight until they could set up a proper face-to-face conversation.


Ru and his friends brought a detailed business plan to their meeting with the landlord and she was impressed. She saw how passionate these men were about this restaurant business and decided to help them out if they some business backers and architects to help.


It took a few weeks for Ru and his friends to find the right business backers and architects to help them achieve their goals. Sweetgreen (with one backward “e” and all lowercase letters) is conquering the Northeast. There are sweetgreen locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. The ingredients are always good for the human body and collected from farmers.


It is not just your ordinary salad bar. The sweetgreen experience involves a fast check out, friendly customer service, and music festivals. Ru has promised that he is always going to stay close to his roots. Being the biggest corporate company with the most employees is not always the right way to succeed. Ru wrote values that all sweetgreen employees have to follow when they are on duty.


Ru believes that both the customer and company should win. Customers submit ideas that help the company grow, in turn, the company earns more revenue. Ru lives by the motto “keep it real.” That means that everyone working for sweetgreen must always be polite and work hard. If employees give it their all, customers will tell their family members and friends.


Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007 with a degree in finance. He and two of his close friends created sweetgreen, a fast food salad chain. The company has opened locations in six states in the Northeast and has plans to move out west soon. Ru has invested in four companies.


Follow Nathaniel Ru on twitter.

Real Estate Investing Advice with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an avid investor in real estate. Throughout his career, he has made a lot of great deals in various places. Investing in real estate is not easy, but it is a great way to increase your net worth.

Investing in real estate requires that a person think many years down the road. Many of Todd Lubar’s best investments took years to become profitable.

Todd Lubar

From the time he was young, Todd Lubar has always been interested in real estate and business. He is the type of person who constantly works hard to achieve his goals. While he was in business school, he worked at a real estate company. This allowed him to gain valuable experience within the industry.

Once he graduated, he was able to invest his new income into real estate. Although it was slow at first, he would eventually develop a real estate empire. He focused on rental homes in the beginning. This allowed him to gain equity and rental income at the same time. He focuses on a lot of commercial real estate today. View his full profile on linkedin.com.


One of the biggest issues that many people face with real estate investing is a lack of capital. Few investors have the cash to purchase a property. Getting a real estate loan is the only way for people to start investing.

Before borrowing money to invest, real estate investors need to make sure they have a solid plan in place. A lot of investors get into financial trouble because they borrow too much money at one time. Although the real estate market is strong right now, this does not mean that prices will continue increasing forever.

Todd is a great resource of real estate knowledge for new investors. He enjoys working with new investors who need his advice on a variety of subjects.

Award winning Customer Service For Prisoners-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 on the premise that prisoners in federal prison facilities needed a way to communicate with their families effectively. Newer technological advances in communication would spur the need for this type of connection. With over 2,200 correctional facilities that needed a safe and secure way to communicate, Securus provided the necessary means.


It became apparent early on that prisons and other correctional facilities embraced the systems that Securus developed. The ability to monitor and control access was definitely a plus for many in the industry. It also helped that the correctional facilities could be more open in allowing prisoners access to communication devices.


Securus Technologies continued work in providing safe and effective communication resources have earned them kudos from various telecommunications organizations. In January, Securus Technologies was a finalist for the coveted Stevie award for their excellent sales and customer service. The fact that Securus was even considered as a finalist for this prestigious award stands them in good stead with the correctional facilities communication network.


Securus’ CEO has an unique understanding of this group and has spread his message of empathy to his employees. The emphatic and understanding of all Securus customer representatives is what makes them stand out as the company to go to for this type of secured communication.


This safe and secure communication does make a difference for families of inmates. It is important to have this type of communication. The fact that Securus takes the time to listen to the customers is also important. The video chats especially are a great boon for families to connect with their loved ones in prison.


Many families appreciate that Securus offers so many ways to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. This is especially true during the holidays.

Sawyer Howitt; A Millennial Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneurs often have an advantage over their older peers when it comes to energy, time and an unmatched physical resilience. They can devote extra time and energy towards their businesses which in turn helps them to succeed. While energy cannot replace hard-won experience, a young entrepreneur is ready to get down and dirty till they reach their goals. Meet Sawyer Howitt, a second semester senior who has excelled in the entrepreneurial world despite his youth.

Sawyer Howitt follows in his father’s footsteps. David Howitt, Sawyer’s father, is the CEO and founder of the Meriwether Group. He has over 20 years’ experience in product development; a vital force in helping entrepreneurs achieve their ideas. Sawyer has borrowed a leaf from his old man. He is a project manager at Meriwether Group.

Unlike his peers, Sawyer Howitt started working in the company as a teen. He has focused all his strength and energy towards the attainment of a Degree in Entrepreneurial Finance from Columbia University. He will graduate in the summer of 2017.

Sawyer Howitt is a force to reckon with on his own. He has an impressive body of works focused on business and finance. However, not all is limited to his area of expertise. Sawyer Howitt is a jack of all trades and can do well in any part of business from customer service to analytics.

Besides entrepreneurship, Sawyer Howitt is a Philanthropist. He has extended a hand to aid causes related to women’s rights, international ethnic groups, and mentoring at-risk youth. In his spare time, Howitt loves to fish in Oregon’s beautiful rivers, plays racquetball or attends a Portland Trail Blazers game.

Sawyer Howitt is no stranger in the world of business. He continues to forge his own path in a bid to lead the millennial entrepreneurs.

George Soros

George Soros has been an international supporter for more than 30 years. He is a man that was born in Hungary during the Nazi occupation and has lived to tell the tale. During this time he was able to create false papers to hide his and his families identity of being Jewish and was able to help others do the same. Soros has grown to be a liberal billionaire and has given away 12 billion to date. He supports causes where individuals and organizations are fighting for freedom to express themselves. Soros believes you should not be discriminated against for being who you are. Learn more about his profile at forbes.com

In 2015 when the Ferguson protest movement began, George Soros was the financial center of it. In one year he gave at least 33 million “to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass roots, on the ground activists in Ferguson” (Riddell). Soros created the Open Society Foundation, a large network in more than 100 countries that reflects on the belief that “no ideology is the final arbiter of truth” and that societies can only flourish with a healthy balance of democratic governance, freedom of expression and respect of individual rights (George). This is why Soros was so financially involved in the Ferguson protest movement. There were groups involved in the protests that were recipients of grants from the foundation but they were not directly protesting on behalf of it. He believes with democratic governance the social justice groups involved would gain accountability. Soros funds are what made the Ferguson protests mobile. With the huge network upon network of organizations becoming involved in the Ferguson incident, they became connected, working with each other, feeding off of each other. This led to the topic dominating the mainstream media and online news feeds. There were later protests and gatherings organized as well, starting in August, all in an attempt to keep the attention on the city so all things could be seen and not just what mainstream was showing. In an effort to help put an eye on what was faulty, Soros funded “$5.4 million to Ferguson and Staten Island grass roots efforts to help further police reform, accountability and public transparency” (Riddell). Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros is also involved with higher political matters such as the presidential election. He donated $25 million to help Hillary Clinton and was seemingly more politically involved then he had ever been. The presidential election was already in high stakes due to many of the issues receiving hostility from the other side and he wanted to support Democrats as much as he could. He even donated another $7 million to a political action committee that supported Clinton. There are several other PAC’s that Soros donated to, some being for the Democratic party and some focused on the little guy. One donation was made to a nonprofit organization that fought conservative efforts to restrict voting (Vogel). George Soros is a man who wants to embrace change and support individual rights while giving governance to achieve accountability for organizations supporting causes he believes are important.


Vogel, K. (2016 July). George Soros rises again. Retrieved by http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

Riddell, K. (2015 Jan). George Soros funds Ferguson Protests, hopes to spur civil action. Retrieved From http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/

George Soros. (2017). The Life of George Soros. Retrieved from https://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/

Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson: World Lover

Once only a carefree lad hurling rocks on the shores of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Onc his father was able to find a steady job in Sydney when “Hutch” was 8 years old. Some of his favorite memories we’re of spending his spare time with his friend on their farms. To him, the Outback was a special calling for him. He reveled in the those old tracks for some reason unknown to him at the time. The “bug” had bitten the little guy as it turns out. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/415949715569059008/


The Younger Years

Right after finishing his first year year of school, he and some buddies were driving a 4×4 on dirt roads and to them, it seemed like a neat thing to try. It gave him the bug, again, to try to incorporate 4 wheel ignitions into some sort of wilderness Remote adventure company. Learn more: https://www.ecotraining.co.za/about/owners


Once in college in Sydney, Hutch had decide to start his own training program that combined his love of jackaroonin up North and even across Africa. These crazy, exhilarating trips really boosted his confidence! High on his recent success, Hutch felt ready to really take the bull by the horns and up the anti for his next excursions.


Beauty Of Nature

Along some of his journeys, Hutch was, fortunate enough to stand within a few meters of an elephant near the shore. He was also granted to ability to handle a falcon, sleep in the beautiful outdoors, get close to a marooned shark and fly on a small passenger plane to remote locations. Learn more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/good-weekend/save-the-elephants-how-we-turned-a-corner-on-the-ivory-trade-20170516-gw5so2.html

All with one goal in mind…



Geared with he idea of bringing people to see the hinges that he he had seen and done himself. He new No matter what walk of life you come from the true character test is in being one with nature. So basically, it was a business to have people show/guide him through their holiday excursions. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-hutchinson-596329121/?ppe=1



In 2005, there was a need to fulfill an EcoTraining course in South Africa. ANTON was the owner of the course. We struck up an instant friendship because we had the same visions, it seemed.It was a real meeting of the minds.

Success Academy is Improving the Way we Learn

The founder and the CEO of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz wants to enlarge the school outside of New York. Moskowitz recognizes that a lot of kids are not getting the proper education that they should be receiving. Moskowitz had two goals to achieve for opening the Success Academy, and that is having a high-performance school that will advance American education. What the success of Success Academy is finding ways to close the gap on education and improving the way education will be taught.

The foundation of Success Academy falls on their principles which are to experiment with the methods to educate and to share instructions learned with the general education community. Moskowitz recognizes the success of the students by cultivating literacy by offering book recommendation, how to videos, planning templates and lesson plans. The Success Academy is looking for ways to make their school more culturally receptive with their teaching.

One of their teachers Dara Greenidge takes the right steps to make sure that different cultures are being taught. Greenidge stated that she had invested the time to make culturally inclusive classrooms. As a teacher, she strives to bring what the Success Academy stands for, and that is the success. Greenidge believes that the students can get a better interpretation about topics where people have been misrepresented or unnoticed. Success Academy wants to do right by their students by ensuring that they receive the best education that is provided to them. Success Academy continues to go for the goal by giving their students everything they need and more.


Who is Alexandre Gama and What does He Do?

Without advertising, businesses, charities, and other organizations would be forced to rely on nothing but word of mouth and positive reviews from previous customers. As such, communicating promotions and offers through advertising is a necessary part of commerce in today’s world of business. Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertising guru that is currently the head of Neogama, a popular advertising agency in Brazil.

Mr. Alexandre Gama graduated from Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation, earning a degree in advertising and communications. He started working for Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world’s most trusted advertising agencies, in 1982. Mr. Gama remained at the organization for eight years, then taking up a position as copywriter and creative director at DM9.

DM9 is a popular advertising agency located in Brazil. In years 1990 to 1994, the first four years of his tenure there, he earned more awards than any other copywriter in Brazil. Later that decade, Mr. Gama began working for Y&R, formerly known as Young & Rubicam, in the responsibility-laden capacities of CEO and CCO. With seventeen years of advertorial experience built up by 1999, Alexandre left Y&R and founded Neogama.

Mr. Gama’s personally-founded company Neogama has performed incredibly well, having earned more awards than one could easily count. Neogama started off on the right food, having earned a Cannes Festival Lion in its initial year of operation. Neogama is currently a subsidiary of international conglomerate Publicis Groupe, thriving as well as ever in the advertising industry.